Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA

The Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s mission is to develop research and educational programs leading to the implementation of clinical innovation initiatives to integrate complementary and alternative medicine patient care with a special emphasis on pain. Programs are currently focused on investigating and assessing the role that these techniques may play in controlling perioperative pain and opioid consumption, as well as mood disorders, which have been clearly established to contribute to up to 50% of postoperative pain and opioid consumption, hospital length of stay, and hospital re-admission rates. This is of significant value in the context of value-based care and preventing the development of chronic pain.

Current Projects


  • A Pilot Study Investigating the Post-Operative Analgesic Effect of NSS-2 BRIDGE Device in Surgical Oncology; Sponsor: Shadyside Hospital Foundation; PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA
  • Auriculotherapy in the Treatment of Preoperative Anxiety; Sponsor: Shadyside Foundation; PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA
  • BRIDGE Cesarean: Randomized Controlled Trial; Sponsor: Clinical and Translational Science Institute; PI: Grace Lim, MD, MS
  • NSS-2-BRIDGE Pilot Study for Kidney Transplant Surgeries; Sponsor: Masimo; PI: Raymond M. Planinsic, MD, FASA
  • NSS-2-BRIDGE Study for Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasties, Bariatric, and Kidney Transplant Surgeries; Sponsor: Masimo; PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA
  • Neural Correlates of Auriculotherapy; SEED grant; PI: James W. Ibinson, MD, PhD
  • Feasibility and Efficacy of Bridge for Post-Operative Pain Management in Hip Arthroplasty; Sponsor: Masimo; PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA
  • Reduction of Opioid Requirements Associated with Auriculo-nerve Stimulation Following Major Open Oncologic Surgery; Funding: National Institutes of Health RO1; Lead PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA


  • Aromatherapy for Perioperative Management of Anxiety; Sponsor: Beeklee Medical; PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA

Heron Center Of Excellence

  • Heron Center of Excellence - Pennsylvania Center for Opioid Prescribing Stewardship; Sponsor: Heron Therapeutics; PI: Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA


  • Music Therapy For The Treatment Of Perioperative Anxiety And Pain; Sponsor: Shadyside Foundation; PI: Shiv K. Goel, MD

Virtual Reality

  • A Pilot Study Assessing the Feasibility of Implementing TMC-CP01 Treatment Based on the VANISH (Virtual Autonomic Neuromodulation Induced Systemic Healing) System in Reducing Pain and Opioid Requirement in Subjects Suffering from Chronic Low Back Pain; Sponsor: National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research; PI: Aman Mahajan, MD, PhD, MBA

Future Projects


  • CBD Oil in Surgical and Chronic Pain; Sponsor: Green Roads
  • Topical CBD for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain; Sponsor: Pureform Global
  • CBD for Perioperative Pain; Sponsor: LabNaturals CBD


  • Proof of Concept - Perioperative Use of Hypnosis


  • Role of Telemedicine in Improving Health Disparity Related to Patient Recovery from Anesthesia; PCORI grant; PI: A. Murat Kaynar, MD, MPH

Completed Projects


  • BRIDGE Device: Alternative Postpartum Analgesia; Sponsor: IHS; PI: Grace Lim, MD, MS